Each piece is sculpted in clay first. The figures are then molded and cast in permanent material. Bronze is the most durable and the most desirable. The bronze is cast using the "Lost Wax" method wherein a wax version is taken from the mold, coated in a ceramic material, and then fired to harden it. The wax runs out during the firing (hence “lost”) and the remaining space filled with the molten bronze. Plaster is a less expensive alternative which can be patinated to resemble bronze, but cannot be put outdoors or subjected to rough treatment.
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Models are used as visualizing and selling tools. They enable one to proffer an idea to see if it meets the demands of the customer.

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Drawing is primarily a tool to explore an idea, come to an understanding about a thing, or to make notes from one's perceptions. I do not usually make drawings as finished works of art, but there are times when the pleasure of the process does show through and they seem worth keeping.

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The enjoyment for me in doing portraiture is the interaction with the sitter during the session. By talking to the person and observing ordinary behavior, one tries to gather insights into his or her character and personality. That is the challenge and the excitement of it.

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